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Translator of "Battle Hymn"

Dong-Eun Lee
6730 Statesboro Road
Dayton, Ohio 45459
(937) 436-9795

July 25, 2005

George Drake, Ph.D.
1421 Cornwall Avenue Suite B
Bellingham, WA 98225

Re: Hess story

Dear Dr. Drake:

Thank you for your e-mail along with additional information. After reviewing the information you provided, I would like to comment regarding the following issues.

War is the most hideous part of our Original Sin. It is the most shameful aspect of failure of Humanity. In the midst of war, we try to display our goodness, probably as an act of redemption, by helping orphans, widows and refugees, etc.
I am not certain, however, whether there is any room for credit, honor or glory in our redemptive act while our hands are already stained with the blood of other human beings.

In case of Operation Kiddy Car, it is my opinion that General Earle Partridge is the only person to be credited for this, (if you want to label "credit"). He took a tremendous risk in allowing to mobilize a number of aircraft for the non-combat purpose during the critical and volatile combat crisis. If somebody advised him for this Operation, what kind of honor or glory can be credited to that adviser? In fact, Colonel Hess elaborated the role of Chaplain Blaisdell in detail in his book "Battle Hymn" in their appeal to Fifth Air Force Headquarters. To me, this description appears to be very fair and reasonable.
Also, I remember that General Partridge appeared in the first part of the movie "Battle Hymn" to introduce the story of Colonel Hess. I am still puzzled by the fact that somebody decided to discredit (discredit for what?) Colonel Hess after 50 years. Did Colonel Hess ever claim any honor or credit for this Operation?

Another disturbing issue is this. If veterans try to discredit other veterans, (I heard some rumor that we had a similar problem among veterans in our Dayton community for other issue). We civilians are totally disillusioned by such allegation. If there is a serious matter, such as criminal act, the matter should be brought to our legal system to vindicate somebody.
It seems that the damage is done for the accuser as well as the accused. It reminds me of the phrases, "Shooting yourself in the foot" or "Spitting into the wind'.

Thank you.


Dong-Eun Lee
6730 Statesboro Road
Dayton, Ohio 45459

c.c.: Colonel Hess
Susie Allen


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