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Stars and Stripes, Nov. 4, 1952

SNUG AS A BUG-Girls of the St. Paul orphanage now have clothing to keep them snug during the cold of winter.  With the assistance of a beaming friend, an obviously happy youngster tries on a bathrobe, which was among the clothing donated to the orphanage by the Elk's lodge in Brattleboro, Vt.  (USAF Photo)


Elks Heed Duo's Plea; Orphanage In Korea Gets Clothes For Winter

By A/2C Wayne Sutton

SEOUL, Nov. 4-Through the efforts of 1st Lt. Lloyd H. Dessaint and Gordon Rideout, both from Brattleboro, Vt., the girls of the convent and orphanage of the Sisters of St. Paul congregation in Seoul will have warm clothes to wear this winter.  The girls, ranging in age from eight months to 10 years, received more than 1,000 pounds of new and used clothing from a drive sponsored by the Elk's lodge in Brattleboro.  The drive was thought up by Dessaint, who is stationed at Fifth Air Force headquarters in Korea and is assigned with the Operations Analysis Research division. When he discovered the orphanage-one of the few left intact-he wrote the lodge, explaining the situation and asked its aid in helping the children prepare for winter.

With Rideout acting as coordinator in Brattleboro and Dessaint in Seoul, the clothes were gathered, packed, and shipped to the orphanage.  The girls were all smiles when the boxes were unpacked and they were allowed to model the dresses.  Since they had had little contact with the western-style clothes, many of them had trouble figuring out some of the articles of clothing.  In the wintertime, Korean children wear padded clothing over what resembles an old-fashioned petticoat.  So the look of bewilderment on one girl's face was understandable when she came across a pair of children's silk undies.



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