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Stars and Stripes, Feb. 8, 1953

 BELATED BUT DELIGHTFUL-Fifteen of Sam Tashjy's 83 kids show by their smiles they didn't mind a bit the fact their Christmas party was 10 days late.  Ranged behind a pile of gifts from Stateside "friends," the children of Moie orphanage hold up a flag of New York state, a souvenir given them by Brig. Gen. William H. Kelly, adjutant general of New York state.  Gen. Kelly's money order for $45 was the foundation for the Merry Christmas party smiles of these Korean children.


Blood Donating Champ Gives Tots Belated Party


WITH EIGHTH ARMY, Feb. 8-WOJG Sam K. Tashjy, Eighth Army blood donor champ and a foster father to a Korean orphanage, recently teamed up with a New York general to throw a delayed-action Christmas party for 83 Korean orphans.  Tashjy, who has seen the orphanage swell from 42 to 83 children in the year he's been in Korea, recently published a "yell for help" in his hometown paper, the Hudson Dispatch of Union City, N.J.  Buying things for 42 orphans kept him broke most of the time, Tashjy said, but the tariff got too high to handle when the Moei orphanage, outside of Seoul, gathered the 83 homeless kids.

A STEADY stream of boxes of clothes, shoes, toys, and candy poured in as a result of the New Jersey appeal.  Then, Brig. Gen. William H. Kelly, adjutant general of New York state, heard of Operation Orphan and chipped in a money order for $45.  That money order resulted in a 10 day late Christmas party for the Korean orphans.  The party was late because Tashjy's company was on the move over Christmas.  Besides working for the Army and for the Seoul orphanage, Tashjy is still waiting for arrangements to be completed for him to donate his 40th pint of blood since 1942.  His 39 pints to date stamp him Eighth Army champ.



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