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Stars and Stripes, Dec. 21, 1954 

St. Nick Swaps His Sled For A Helicopter To Visit Buk Han San Orphans


Airborne Santa Delights Seoul Children 

SEOUL (S&S)-A helicopter borne Santa Claus dropped into the outskirts of Seoul Saturday to visit the children of Korea's most famous orphanage.  When the whirlybird set down near the three large stone buildings which house the Buk Han San Orphanage, the neatly dressed orphans could barely suppress their wide-eyed excitement as Santa stepped out of his mechanized sled with a bag on his back overflowing with gifts.

Representatives from the two companies of American soldiers who sponsor the orphanage were nearly as excited as the kids.  The 1st Loudspeaker and Leaflet Co. and the 314th Ord. Co., who have made Buk Han San the most modern orphanage in Korea, were throwing their annual Christmas party for their protégés.  The "buddy system" was adopted for the party as each soldier paired off with one of the youngsters.  They stayed together, sharing the entertainment, refreshments and the excitement of unwrapping the gifts from Santa.

The children, in turn, entertained their soldier friends with a program of familiar carols sung in both Korea and English.  Christmas is for kids-and these hardy American soldiers in a foreign land did not forget that.


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