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Cpl. Joseph Banecker,US 52345021, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, of 21st Transportation Car Company, loads young An Mari Ah with Christmas gifts, while Sok Bong awaits his turn.  The children are from the Cha Sun Dun orphanage, in Seoul.

Stars and Stripes, Dec. 21, 1954


21st Trans. Co. to Host 500


SEOUL (8TH Army Fwd)-A 110 man company of Eighth Army Forward Hq. will play host Thursday at a Christmas party for 500 Korean children and adults.  The 21st Trans. Car Co., which supplies drivers for the headquarters, will play Santa Claus to 179 orphans from two Seoul orphanages and to the families of their Korean employees.  The expected attendance at the party is 400 children and 100 adults.  The Cha Sun Dun Orphanage, which the company has been assisting for 18 months, will receive a sewing machine and CARE food parcels.  The children will receive new clothing, toilet articles and other gifts.  The men learned that the 35 children of the Bow Ha Orphanage were not included in anyone's party plans for Christmas, so they invited them also.  A four hour program of games, entertainment and refreshments is planned for the occasion. 

Photographer   Sgt. Koch (TT)




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