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Stars and Stripes, September 5, 1954 


A New Life for an Orphaned Korean Youngster

Sergeant Befriends Homeless ROK Orphan

HQ., U.S. 7TH DIV., Korea, Sept. 6-A brief association between a U.S. Army sergeant and a Korean boy has been turned into a lasting friendship.  Sgt. James H. Stanley, Salisbury, Md., motor sergeant of the 7th Div.'s 707th Ordnance Bn., met 12 year old Kim Doo Dee last December at the I Corps NCO Academy.  The school earned money for food and the sergeant became a good friend.  The youngster was constantly with Stanley and subsequently became a pocket-size valet.

No Home, Parents

Inquiries by the soldier disclosed the boy had neither home nor parents.  He wondered about the possibility of adopting Kim.  Leaving the boy was a disheartening experience for Stanley.  A short while later, the soldier returned to the academy, brought the boy to live with him near the battalion and then began adoption procedures.

After the usual preliminaries, officials were convinced that the lad would find a good home with Stanley's parents in Maryland.  Stanley completed his tour of duty in Korea recently and has left for the U.S.   Kim, however, must wait until he can get flight priority-probably not until December.  Meanwhile, friends of the soldier in his home town and those in his old unit have raised enough money to sponsor him in a Seoul school while he waits out the reunion with his new "father."



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