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Stars and Stripes, Aug. 16, 1954 

Korean Boy Walks Again 

A NEW LEG FOR MARIO. . . Mario, a Korean orphan from the Catholic Orphanage in Pohang, Korea, has a new leg.  After an accident necessitated amputating the orphan's right leg, the men of the First Marine Air Wing Headquarters Squadron collected money to buy him a new leg. 

When the leg arrived from the United States, it had to be altered.  Commander J.F. Fearan, USN, of Waltham, Mass., Catholic Chaplain for the Wing Headquarters Squadron, remembered the Sea Bee Boast that "They could do anything" and turned the job over to them.  The "refitting" work was done in the Sea Bee carpenter shop attached to the wing and headed by Donald E. Patterson, builder seaman, of 1134 Washburn St., Topeka, Kan.).  Doctor E.B. Stewart Laurinburg, N.C. assisted in the final fitting.



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