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Stars and Stripes, December 3, 1952 

CLOTHES FOR CHILDREN-This is just one of the truck loads of clothing soldiers of the 2d Signal Company received in their drive to collect clothes from people in the States for underprivileged Korean children.  More then 500 pounds of clothing have been collected in the 3d Division drive.  Cheerfully unloading the truck are (left to right); Sfc. Walter Counture, Brookfield, Mass., photo section chief; Sgt. Kenneth Working, Dallas, supply sergeant, and Pvt. Peter McGirt, Fedville, N.C. Medic. 

U.S. Army Photo by PFC Mario Rotondi


Signal Company Gathers Clothes For Korean Tots 

WITH U.S. 3D DIV., Dec. 3-The 3d Signal Company of the 3d Division has collected more than 500 pounds of clothing as part of a division-wide drive to clothe underprivileged and orphaned Korean children from 1 to 15 years old.  The clothing collected by the signalmen was solicited through a form letter mailed to friends and neighbors in the United States.  More than 100 packages were received. 

ONE "BUNDLE for Korea" carried $30 in postage stamps.  The clothing drive was handled as a contest to determine which section could gather the greatest amount of children's wearing apparel for the Korean youngsters.  A token gift will be presented to the section collecting the largest Stateside donation. 

MAJ. JOHN Gottlund, Carmel, Cal., division signal officer, said, "Although an official cut-off date for the contest was set, that does not mean we are concluding our request to the States for clothing for Korean children.  As long as the folks back home are eager to open their hearts to the ragged and unfortunate victims of war, we'll continue writing home asking them to send just a little more."



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