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April 24, 1956


'Skoshi' Has Longest Service With KMAG


SEOUL (KMAG)-The man with the longest service in the Provost Marshal Advisory Section of the U.S. Military Advisory Group to the Republic of Korea is an 18 year old Korean youth named Seo Duk Soo.  The boy, better known as "Skoshi", started working in the office of the KMAG PM advisor by accident six years ago.  An orphan, he was driven from his home in the village of Kyun-Buk when the North Koreans invaded in 1950.  He was found by ROK MP Patrol and put to work in the office of the ROK Provost Marshal General.

A KMAG PM ADVISOR "took the boy under his wing" and got him a job in his office.  Members of the KMAG section took up collections to send Skoshi to school, first in Taegu, then in Seoul when KMAG headquarters was transferred. 

Now Skoshi is scheduled to attend Chong Chi College on funds collected by the PM advisory section.

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