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July 8, 1952


Korean Kids Given Clothes by Sailor


ABOARD USS ENDICOTT OFF KOREA - Thirty-five North Koreans are now wearing American clothes given them by a U.S. sailor.  But it's all right as the "enemies" are all refugee children living on a United Nations held island off the hostile North Korean coast.  The big hearted American "swabbie" is Elmer T. Andrews, RD1, Hatcreek, Calif., a crewmember of the USS Endicott, a Navy minesweeper.

It all started last Christmas when the ship's crew held a party for the impoverished children.  Among the gifts given them was a small amount of clothing.  Andrews sent a picture of the party home to his wife Patricia who, on seeing how happy the children were with their new clothing, started dunning her neighbors for whatever they had in the way of spare clothes.  She boxed her collection in two wooden crates and shipped them off to her husband, who turned them over to the children.






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