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Oct. 1, 1952


Korean Tots Thank Americans For Gifts


KWANG YANG GUN, Korea, Oct. 1 - First grade pupils of Kolyak Primary school in this little Korean town wrote a letter - with a good deal of help from their teacher - to the students of Cary High School, Cary, N.C.  It was a letter of thanks for Junior Red Cross gift boxes which had been packed and mailed by the Cary students, and delivered through UNCACK (United Nations Civil Assistance Command, Korea) to the Kolyak school.

THE BOXES CONTAINED pencils, notepads, erasers, rulers and similar school items, as well as American toys suitable for first graders.  Each box was valued at not more than $2, but the contents included highly prized rarities for Korea.  Yet, it was the spirit behind the gift that most impressed the Korean children - and their teacher.

"Our teacher told us about the American Junior Red Cross and we were very pleased to hear of such a wonderful organization that is always ready to give aid to needy people in time of strife or disaster," the children wrote.  "We could hardly believe that American children could be so kind to Korean children whom they have never met.  If all the children of the world were taught to always act with such kindness towards others, the future generations would not have wars like we have now."

The American Junior Red Cross has sent more than 100,000 gift boxes to Korea since the war started.  UNCACK has asked for another 100,000 during the current school year.  In schools throughout the United States, boys and girls have started gathering the gifts that will fill the boxes.  Each box contains the names of the children who helped fill it, and the address of their school.





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