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November 15, 1953


GI Takes Orphan to U.S.


JIMMY RAYNOR and SFC Wernar Krenzer get a pre-departure physical checkup from Capt. Edwin H. Lofquist at the Tokyo General Dispensary.  (Nippon Times Photo)

An American sergeant, who has done much to help the war orphans of Korea, is on his way back to the United States as chaperone for an adopted five year old Korean waif.    SFC Wernar Krenzer, 27, of Rego Park, N.Y., a member of the Seoul team of the Korean Civil Assistance Committee (KCAC) for the past 17 months, is accompanying Jimmy Raynor whose name, before he was adopted by Sgt. Paul Raynor, was Choi Kyung Hyun.

Sgt. Krenzer's good work among the orphans won wide publicity in the United States about a year ago.  As a result, he has been sent about $10,000, in money and kind, to help him in his one-man relief drive.  Little Jimmy will be leaving Tokyo in the company of his sergeant friend for a new home in America as soon as plane space is available.





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