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August 14, 1953


Iowans Clothe Korean Orphans

Waterloo Workers Distribute Garments Through 3d Division


WITH U.S. 3D DIV., Aug. 14 - Thousands of pounds of clothes were given to needy Korean orphanages by the 3d Division Civil Affairs Section recently.  The trip of mercy started in the Pochon area, where several boxes of clothes were left for the orphans at their bullet-riddled shelters.  The journey ended at the Star of the Sea Hospital and Orphanage in Inchon.

The clothes gifts were collected in all parts of Iowa in a drive started by Gorden Gammack of the Des Moines Register and Tribune, a Korea war correspondent.  He told of the misery and suffering in all of Korea, and how important the clothes are to the pathetic children.

Gammack first learned of the great need for clothes from Maj. Dudok B. Langerak, Pella, Ia., the 3d Division civil affairs officer.  This is the section which attends to the needs of the civilian population.  The employees of the John Deere Corporation sent 3,500 pounds of clothes of all types.  The cost of crating and shipping such a large amount ran into the hundreds of dollars and was paid for completely by the John Deere Tractor Corporation, Waterloo, Ia.  The journey brought clothes to more than a thousand children whose ages ranged from 4 days old to 17 years.

SURROUNDED - Pvt. John F. Connelly, Huntington, W. Va., is surrounded by smiles of happy Korean orphans who received clothes in a gift shipment from John Deere Tractor Corporation employees at Waterloo, Ia.  Connelly, a member of the 3d Division Civil Affairs Section, helped distribute the clothing to the children of the Social Work Orphan asylum of Sim.  (U.S. Army Photo)




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