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Stars and Stripes, November 10, 1954 

Hardboiled MPs Go Soft,

Adopt Abandoned ROK Tot

By Sgt. Robert L. Brown

SEOUL (S&S)-A North Korean orphan discovered shivering in a downtown Seoul back alley has found a bunch of MPs to be the softest guys in the world.  Ten year old Kim Pong Sung has become the sweetheart of the 135 men of C Co. 728th MP Bn.  And she's the most important person in the company one day a week. 

PFC Richard S. Dimmette, 24, and PFC Thomas R. O'Malley, 21, discovered the girl about 2:00 a.m. in an alley back of the downtown Seoul PX.  She was cold and hungry and wearing nothing but filthy rags.  The MPs bought her some Korean food and she spent the night sleeping in the back of their jeep as they made their rounds. 

From there, it's a story of a bunch of hardboiled MPs adopting the undernourished North Korean orphan.  She told interpreters that her parents were dead and that another woman had brought her to Seoul during the war, but had since abandoned her.  The MPs bought her new clothes, but with typical over generosity, let her get sick on too much ice cream, hamburger and spaghetti-the three foods which have since become her favorites. 

Admitted to the Kong Seang Girls Home, Susie becomes queen of C Co. every Sunday when the MPs pick her up to spend the day with them.  With the 728th, Sunday is a day when hard-boiled MPs go soft.




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