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January 19, 1954


Mechanics Aid Waifs

 HQ., U.S. IX Corps, Korea, Jan. 19-Mechanics of the corps' motor pools, accustomed to mending broken motors, are repairing a couple of broken hearts of two Korean orphans supplying a new lease on life for the homeless waifs.  Pak Joong Kyoo, found nine months ago living with a Korean labor unit and taken under the wing of the motor pool personnel, now has seven "fathers."

No. 1 papa-san, Cpl. Waittis Overby, Saxton, Mo., who has been with motor pool for 11 months, has enrolled 9 year old Pak in a nearby Korean school where he is fast catching on to his three Rs.  Enrollment fees and transportation are taken care of by the men of the section.

Lee Nae Chul, 10, who was left behind in an infantry unit in a nearby town, has also been adopted by the motor pool troops and is attending a nearby school through his soldier-dads'.  One of the American troopers recently brought back two Hopalong Cassidy pistols for the orphan boys, carrying one on each hip because his gift box collapsed.




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