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May 2, 1954

'Christmas' Comes Twice for Tots


CHARITY FROM THE CHIEF-Lt. (jg) James S. Smith, USN, Buffalo, N.Y., welfare and recreation officer aboard the minesweeper Chief, presents clothing and school supplies to the children of the Yeun Pyung Orphanage.  The gifts were donated by crewmen of the Navy ship.  (USN Photo)


ABOARD USS CHIEF, Korea, May 2-"Christmas" came twice for 75 Korean War orphans of the Yeun Pyung Orphanage on Taeyonpyong Island recently.  The 90 man crew of the minesweeper Chief met the orphans during the Christmas holidays at a party aboard ship.  While on patrol months later, the sailors started a relief fund using "Do You Remember" as a slogan.  The drive netted $200 worth of clothing and school supplies for the war refugees.


In Japan, the money bought 50 pairs of shoes, 100 pairs of socks, 50 T-shirts, two gross pencils, one gross school tablets, 100 bars of soap, a large clock for the school room and material for over 50 school suits.  When the Chief returned to Korea on another tour of duty, the orphanage declared a half-holiday to receive the gifts.






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