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May 16, 1954


Sergeant Makes Education Possible for Korean Boy


SEOUL, May 16 (S&S)-Johnny No Sweat is going to school.  His real name is Paik Hee Joon and he is a waiter at the Correspondents Billets EM Club in Seoul.

Johnny No Sweat, a name given him by his patrons, has two very admirable traits-lots of energy and a burning desire for an education.

Several months ago, 40 Korean boys of high school age were given an opportunity to take a test to determine which 20 would get to attend high school in Seoul at the expense of the ROK government.  The young Korean boy, whose parents were killed during the war, passed the test and placed No. 14 on the list.

A few days ago, the youngsters were notified that only 12 would be sent to school free and the other eight would have to pay their own way.  The fee was $140 in hwan.  That night, one of the unfortunate eight killed himself.  Johnny No Sweat simply cried.  But an American sergeant, who thought a lot of the little waiter came to his aid with a timely contribution.

Sgt. George Drougas, Portland, Ore., who worked for 8th Army radio section, saw the boy's obvious disappointment and gave him the money to continue his education.

George Draugas left for home the following day - broke, but his heart filled to overflowing with the thanks of a happy Korean boy.





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