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Story below.

Children of Manassas Manor Orphanage out for a walk.

November, 1952.

Photo by Pfc. George F. Drake

One day my phone rang. "Hello. Is this George Drake?" "Yes."

"Are you at your computer?" "Yes".

"Do you see that photo in your web site home page with a GI walking with some children?" "Yes"

"Is that you?"

"No. I am the guy walking backward taking the picture."

"I am the little boy in the front on the right near the girl with the scarf. I will come to the dedication of the Korean War Children's Memorial in July (2003). I want to meet you."

And who told him about the dedication ceremony? ... the little boy with the white knit hat on the soldier's right, Eddie Cho. And how did Eddie find out about this? Well, that is a story for another day.

George F. Drake



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