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Kiddy Car Airlift


The story of the orphan rescue operation that became known as the Kiddy Car Airlift, executed on 20 December, 1950, has two main actors, Chaplain (Colonel) Russell L. Blaisdell (USAF) and Colonel Dean E. Hess (USAF). Both are still alive as of this writing (April, 2004), one living in Nevada and the other in Ohio. The material presented here has never before been presented together and much of this material has never been published before at all. Here you will find the story of one of the great rescue operations of the Korean War and also one of the most shameless frauds of the Korean War. Read on.


Chaplain (Colonel) Russell L. Blaisdell (USAF)
Colonel Dean E. Hess (USAF)
Analysis: Hess, Fraudulent Hero
Historical photos of the airlift.
Dong-Eun Lee - Translator
Recognition for S/Sgt. Merle (Mike) Strang.
Chaplain Blaisdale Award
Brokaw Report on Blaisdale
Fox 40 Report on Blaisdale
Col. Hess Award



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