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Colonel Dean E. Hess, USAF and the book Battle Hymn

Excerpts from the book Battle Hymn.
Profits to Aid Korean Orphans, S&S, 3 July, 1956
Battle Hymn is translated into Korean for publication in Korea.
Purchase a copy of the book.


Photos of the Jacket of the First Edition of Battle Hymn

Clik on thumbnail for larger photo.


Col. Hess and the Movie Battle Hymn

Battle Hymn, movie review.
Photos of the filming of the movie Battle Hymn
AF Hero Figures in Film, PS&S, 15 September 1955
War Orphans in US for Movie Roles, PS&S, 9 March 1956


Video jacket of the movie Battle Hymn



Colonel Hess and the Press

All material is from the Pacific Stars & Stripes unless otherwise noted.

The Pious Killer of Korea, Saturday Evening Post, 21 July 1951
'Father of ROK AF' Ships Clothes to Waifs, S&S, 9 Dec 1956
'Operation Hess' Ends for Orphans, , S&S,3 Jan 1957
Aid to Korean Waifs Began On Bomb Run,, S&S, 12 Jan 1957
Film Counterpart, , S&S, 29 January 1955
Hope Inc., S&S, 18 June 1957
'Battle Hymn' Has Seoul Premiere, S&S, 30 June 1957
Hope Inc. Founder Due in F.E., S&S, 27 September 1956
Students Send Clothes to ROK Waifs, S&S, 31 Dec. 1958
Col. Hess to Attend Ceremony, S&S, 3 November 1960
Hess Revisits Korean Orphanage, S&S, 21 July 1959
Plane Lands in Seoul With Calves, S&S, 18 July 1959
Herd of 20 Cattle Due, S&S, 14 July 1959
Gifts for Korean Tots, S&S, 16 June 1959
Texans Send Gifts to Orphanage, S&S, 22 June, 1959
Hess Airlift Saved children From Reds, S&S, June, 1960
Orphans' Home Turns 10., S&S, .1960
Hess to Get ROK Honor, S&S, 18 December 1960
Orphanage Founder Arrives to Adopt Girl, S&S, 21 Dec. 1960
Flying Parson Gets Coveted ROK Medal, S&S, 21 Dec. 1960
Col. Dean Hess is Welcomed to Seoul, S&S, 20 Dec. 1960
Hess Receives 'Order of Cultural Merit', S&S, 21 Dec 1960
Hess, Daughter Depart for US, S&S, 23 December 1960
Col. Hess to Get Citation, S&S, 11 May 1961
Hess Recalls 'War Scars' Left on Orphans by Reds, S&S, 2/9/61
Col. Hess to Receive Sopa Award, S&S, 18 January 1962
Korean Society Honors Hess for War-Time Rescue, S&S, 21 January 1962
Col. Hess Arrives, S&S, 21 January 1962
Historic Airlift Recalled, S&S, 20 December 1965
ROK Air Units in Salute to Col. Hess, S&S, 10 January 1969
Fighter Pilot-Cleric Revisits War Sites, S&S, 20 November 1975
The Man With a Thousand Children, S&S, 22 August 1976
'Operation Hess" Closed its Books, S&S, date?


Photo page of Hess in Korea.


A Critique of the above material is presented in the unit "Hess: Fraudulent Hero" which follows.


Hess: Fraudulent Hero.

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