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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Dec. 09, 1956

'Father of ROK AF' Ships Clothes To Waifs

SEOUL- A shipload of clothing sent to Korean orphans by Col. Dean E. Hess, "Father of the ROK Air Force," was scheduled to arrive aboard the Jean Lafitte at Inchon harbor Sunday.

Hess requested that the clothing be sent in a recent dramatization of his life on the television program "This Is Your Life."

Hess, who holds every decoration of the ROK Air Force, led South Korean pilots in more than 280 missions over enemy lines during the three-year conflict. He also organized a transport service which piloted Korean children from newly captured combat areas to safety in Seoul.

Hess' feats are being recreated in a motion picture now in production called "Battle Hymn."

S & S Korea Bureau






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