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Pacific Stars & Stripes, 14 July 59

Herd of 20 Cattle Due From Texas For Seoul Orphans 

TACHIKAWA, AB, Japan (S&S)-An Air Force cargo plane filled with 20 calves donated by Texas ranchers will land here Wednesday afternoon en route to Seoul to start a cattle herd for a Korean orphanage. 

The huge C-130 USAF transport took off from Waco, Tex., Monday with its destination set as the Garden Of Children Home in Seoul.   

Aboard will be Air Force Col. Dean E. Hess, famed "flying parson" of World War II and one of the founders of the home for war orphans in Seoul.

*     *     *     *     * 

Also on the flight will be newspapermen, network radio broadcasters, James LeBlond of the Waco city government and Fred Inge of the Department of Agriculture. 

The C-130 Hercules, dubbed "Hercules Ark" for this flight, is from the 440th Air Delivery Gp. at Waco. Upon arrival at Tachikawa, the calves will be watered, cleaned up and cared for by airmen of the Veterinarian Section of the Tachikawa Hospital.

*     *     *     *     *  

When the small "herd" of Texas cattle-including three bull calves-arrives at the orphanage, it will provide food for the home and animal husbandry training for the Korean students. 

Col. Hess, now head of the Los Angeles Air Force public information office, wrote a book of his experiences with the Korean War orphans, called "Battle Hymn."  The book was made into a movie with all Col. Hess' proceeds going to the Hope, Inc. orphans home which he founded. 

The flying combat veteran of two wars-also an ordained minister-hitched a ride for the cattle on the C-130 that otherwise would have been ferried to Korea empty.  He will pilot the plane. 






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