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Pacific Stars & Stripes, July 3, 1956 

Colonel's Book Profits to Aid Korea Orphans

SEOUL-(UP)-  U.S. Air Force Col. Dean E. Hess, who has helped some 1,000 Korean orphans, said Tuesday that he would spend about $100,000, which he expects from his book and motion picture, for them. 

Hess and his wife arrived in Seoul Saturday from Washington to present President Syngman Rhee with a copy of Hess's book, "Battle Hymn." 

The book, which tells of Hess' experiences in the Korean War and of the airlift of 10,000 Korean War waifs to safety from the path of advancing communist action, is now being made into a movie in Hollywood. 

The Colonel, now a special assistant to the U.S. Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, told a news conference that "helping in Korea did a great thing for the world." 

"It is the only country to stand up in arms as a nation against communism," he said. 

Hess and his wife flew down to Cheju-do Island Tuesday to see the orphans he airlifted during the war. 

More than 500 waifs are still there, living in the Orphan's Home of Korea, which Hess founded. 

A new orphanage is being built in Seoul, to which they will be moved from Cheju-do.  Some 120 children have already been brought to Seoul. 


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