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Stars and Stripes, Date Unknown

SAN FRANCISCEO (AP) - McClellan AFB, near Sacramento, Monday closed its books on "Operation Hess" with delivery of the third and final shipment of 78 tons of clothing to orphans in Korea.

Operation Hess began Oct. 17 when the story of Col. Dean Hess was told on Ralph Edward's "This Is Your Life" TV show.  Hess is the minister-turned fighter pilot who was sent to Korea at the outbreak of the Korean fighting to train ROK flyers.  He also aided hundreds of Korean orphans.

EDWARDS ASKED viewers to deliver usable children's clothing to Air Force recruiting officers and from there items were sent to McClellan and then to Korea, all at Edward's expense.  The clothing was flown from McClellan to Korea by the U.S. Far East Air Force after Americans had responded to the appeal.


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