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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Date Unknown


S&S Korea Bureau

Seoul-The Orphan's Home of Korea, founded for homeless waifs by an Air Force colonel, celebrated its 10th anniversary Saturday with a day-long festival and dedication of a new building at the home. However, Col. Dean E. Hess, the "Flying Parson" who founded the home in 1950, was unable to carry through his original plans to attend. He is director of the U.S. Air Force Information Branch in Los Angeles.

Hess, besides founding the home, was instrumental in obtaining 16 transport planes for Operation Kiddycar, an airlift that carried almost 1,000 abandoned children to Cheju Island 10 years ago. 

Republic of Korea President Posun Yun led a contingent of Korean and American guests to the home for the formal afternoon ceremonies.

He was greeted by On Soon Hwang, director of the home, who briefly thanked various sponsors for "developing and building better citizens" in the nation. 

The day was highlighted by the dedication of a new combination dining hall and auditorium, built with construction funds and material provided by the 45th Inf. Div. in Oklahoma and the Armed Forces Assistance to Korea (AFAK) program. Children from the orphanage performed traditional dances in the auditorium and a clothing bazaar offered gift items made at the home.

Hess, although he couldn't attend, was presented a letter of appreciation that was accepted by Capt. Lew Raines, his friend. Raines is chief of information at Osan AB.

Letters also went from the home to William H. Henry Jr., director of the Korean Office of the Christian Children's Fund; Dr. J. Calvitt Clarke, the fund's international director; Maj. Brady J. Vradinburg, AFAK project officer; and Brig. Gen. James B. Tipton, 314th Air. Div. commander. 

Other visitors at the ceremony included ROK Minister of Health and Social Affairs Yong Kyoon Nah; Vice Speaker of the House Yung Yoon Lee; Mrs. Emerson L. Cummings, wife of the Eighth Army deputy commanding general; and Col. James R. Newman, Eighth Army Civil Affairs Officer, who presented a plaque to Miss Hwang on behalf of AFAK.






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