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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Sep. 27, 1956

Hope, Inc., Founder Due in F.E.

FUCHU AS, Japan (FEAF)- U.S. Air Force Col. Dean Hess, whose heroic and humanitarian acts during the Korean war, are the basis of the forthcoming Universal-International motion picture, Battle Hymn, will arrive in Tokyo Friday.

Hess is en route to Korea where he is to meet Korean President Syngman Rhee, and present the ROK chief executive with a copy of his book, Battle Hymn, from which the picture was made.

Hess, who flew 63 combat missions during World War II, and some 250 missions during the Korean War, helped to organize the combat arm of the Republic of Korea Air Force during the early years of the war.

It was during this time that he realized the plight of Korean children orphaned as a result of the struggle. Using AF C-119 Aircraft, Hess gathered some 800 orphans from different sections of the country and flew them to safety.

Using his own funds and those contributed by his friends, Hess arranged for the care of the orphans until the conflict ended.

Following cessation of hostilities, Hess organized Hope, Inc., a charitable non-profit organization to aid orphans throughout the world. The money he is to receive from the sale of his book, and from the picture rights of the Universal-International film, will be used exclusively to further the work of Hope, Inc.






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