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Pacific Stars and Stripes, Sept. 15, 1955

Col. Dean Hess in Korea: AF Hero Figures In Film

Seoul-(AP)- Preparations are underway here to produce a new Universal-International film, depicting the life of a U.S. Air Force Colonel who helped build up the fledgling ROK Air Force.

Two Universal officials are visiting here to scout location spots for the movie, entitled "Battle Hymn." They are director Douglas Sirk and production manager Gilbert Kurland.

The hero of the film is Col. Dean Hess, the first American advisor to the ROK Air Force.

During a one-year tour in Korea, which began in July, 1950, Hess took an active part in training and building the ROK Air Force. It had no combat planes and only training craft when the war broke out.

Hess personally flew combat sorties in formation with Korean pilots. The ROK's flew propeller-driven P?-51 Mustang fighters then. Now they have U.S.-supplied F-86 Sabre jets.

Sirk and Kurland said it was likely that part of the film would be shot in Hollywood.






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