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Pacific Stars & Stripes, Sept. 2, 1961

Hess Recalls 'War Scars' Left on Orphans by Reds

TOKYO (S&S)- Communism, in stark reality and tripped of its ideology, showed its ugly face during the Korean conflict in its treatment of the waifs of war, Col. Dean Hess said in a talk Friday night.

Hess, author of "Battle Hymn," is the clergyman turned fighter pilot who established an orphanage on Cheju Island off Korea for more than a thousand children who had been rescued from the advancing communist hordes in Korea by American forces.

Hess, now chief of information, U.S. Japan, spoke before the Protestant Men of the Chapel at the Green Park Officers' Club.

He told of the pitiful tides of homeless children encountered by American forces during the war. Not one of such groups of waifs that had been in contact with the communist forces showed that they had received any kindness or care, he said, but every group that had met with the Americans showed that they had received help and human kindness.

Hess deprecated his role as author of the best-selling book, the profit of which went into the orphanage.

"The voices of thousand of children really wrote it," he said.

Hess was introduced by Capt. Raymond L. Hayes, president of the club.






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