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Home Name       :  Sam Duk Day Nursery

Project Number :  1697

Country              :  Korea

            We had established our Home on November 1947 with the name of Taegu Foundling Home.  As a result of liberation from the war, our country, at that time, had been plunged in a great deal of national and economic confusion.  Many people, who had made their bad living with homeless, had abandoned their children about a year old or so.  But we picked up those children and brought them up in our Home.

            Our Home had begun to have CCF’s affiliate in 1953.  Therefore, we have been able to bring three hundred of the children up until now.  Some of them were adopted into a family who has no children.  We had helped some other children taking up college course or taking a vocational school so as to get a job in a society.

            We have decided on a great right course of action since April of 1967.  We gave up helping the abandoned children any more.  We have made up our mind to keep the parents abandoning their children.  For this reason, we decided to take good care of the children who have their parents as the poor, workers or laborers on the street.  We are caring for almost a hundred of the children about three to six age from seven in the morning to six in the evening.  We make it a rule to have the children eat lunch and snack in the morning and evening.  We are leading the children to a joyous and happy life.



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