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Home Name       :  Pung Ik Bo Yook Won

Project Number :  1670

Country              :  Korea


The tragedy during the Korean War has brought to this land the most miserable human lives, the war orphans who were robbed of their treasure in life from their start for the voyage of human course, being driven away from their parents, family and homes by the most merciless destiny. 

They might be struck to unexplicable fear and wandered about and starved crying helplessly and then have lived their lives in shadow and despair of life; some of them are already completely impaired their hearts with uncurable hurts.  Thus, the experience of despair and sorrows of their early days will remain in their hearts as long as they live on this world.  Without doubt, this is the most sorrowful tragedy and weakness of human society. 

As one of the movements for the relief of these war orphans, this orphanage was established here in the town of Hwachun.  The area of Hwachun is the place where, during the Korean War, the gallant soldiers of the United Nations and ROK forces recaptured from the enemy in price of the bloody fight. 


This orphanage was named Pung Ik Orphanage after the distinguished merits of the late Lt. Col. Kim Pung Ik of ROK Artillery forces.  He was the first battery commander in the ROK forces.  During the Korean War, he was fighting the enemy at the head of his own unit, but his unit received heavy loss by the enemy large attack and most of his men were killed or wounded.  However, without being discouraged, he gave unyielding fires to the enemy with his own hands and finally was named in honor of this great soldier to remember his gallant action and pray for the repose of his soul. 


The orphans aged from 5 to 14 are admitted in this orphanage.  They attend the school daily.  The education lays main emphasis upon the emotional and character guidance through Christian education and also upon the cultivation of the spirit of independence and industry to become good citizens. 


This orphanage was established by Colonel Jeng Deok Ki, then 8th ROK Division Artillery Commander who admitted 22 orphans in the tent on March 20, 1954.  The opening ceremony of the orphanage was held on May 5 of 1954. 

The building and warehouse were constructed by the 8th ROK Division Artillery on October 11, 1954 and the orphanage was transferred from 8th ROK Division Artillery to the civilian management on January 8, 1955.  New building and some bed rooms were taken over as an AFAK Project on May 20, 1956.         (Refer to:  CCF-102--16-NOV-01 (102).jpg) 




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