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Home Name      : Seoul Salvation Army Girls’ Home

Project Number:  1730

Country            :  Korea


     This Home was organized and established on May 1, 1917 with the donations given by the English missionary, Jane Perry.  These donations were consisted of the area of 70 pyong for building and the area of 543 pyong as site.  This Home was officially activated as an entity of social works of the Salvation Army.  At the time of Japanese Rule, overcoming many of the torments and hardships given to the Korean people, this organization contributed such to the education and educational business of poor orphans in addition to the contribution to the welfare of the society and the nation as a whole.  During the Korean war, this Home was evacuated temporarily to Taegu, where temporary operation began at the second story of the Salvation Army, in Taegu for the period of two years.  After two years of operation, this Home obtained a building located at Daemyung-Dong, Taegu.  In the month of October 1953, a part of this Home moved up to Seoul while the rest of the Home still remained in Taegu.  We repaired the damaged building and began the welfare business again.  Since then, we are holding orphans collected from the recovered areas and taking care of them at the present time.


    This Home is located at #58, Choonchong-ro, Suhdaemoon-gu, Seoul, Korea and is situated at the convenient place in view of trafficability.  The buildings which occupy the site of 543 pyong have additional area of 113 pyong.  In these beautiful buildings, we educate the orphans to become human beings.  “Bread for the hungry people,”  “Drinking for thirsty people,” and “Clothings for the naked people.”  They are words for our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are leading a joyful life under the slogan, “Let us live clean, beautiful, brave and lighteous,” minding the words of our Lord Jesus Christ.  In garden, plants and trees are growing and flowers sprouting by the change of season will tender the hearts of orphans.  In the playground, seesaw, swing and sliding board are prepared, making the hearts of orphans joyous.  For the entertainments of big girls, we have volleyball ground and pingpong tables in addition to the organs and electric gramophone, giving help to the emotional conduct of the children.  As the sleeping quarters for the children, we have 6 rooms and have prepared sets for sleeping coverlets and daily necessities in each room.  To speak more auditorium, an office, a clothing room, a quarters for works, a toilet room, a warehouse for fuel, a warehouse for crops, a nourishment room, etc.  Under such facilities, children are loving each other and helping each other and dreaming about the bright futures.  They are complying with the commandments of Jesus of Christ.

CCF-111-Salvation Army Girls’ Home


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