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Christian Children's Fund

file # CCF-112x

Home Name        :  Seoul Salvation Army Boys’ Home
Project Number   :  1720
Country              :  Korea


      The Institute initiated a social work to accommodate 23 children with the object of protecting from winter the children who are vagabonding around without getting proper food and sleeping under open sky under the instruction of the Salvation Army Commander in Korea, Joseph Flinch, with the financial assistance of Japanese Kobayashi, Kenroku residing at 76, Pil-dong, Seoul, Korea on December 31, 1918.

     The Institute was formally founded with an aim of keeping protection for those children even after winter period, considering that they have no place to go upon release by shifting the original plan to release after winter.

     The Institute was moved into the newly built building of San 18, Bookahyun-dong, Suhdaemoon-ku, Seoul on Nov. 23, 1923 and continued functioning as one Welfare Institute for 46 years at the place.

     Upon disposing of old and decrepit buildings, the Institute was moved into the cultural building newly built at San 13, Sangam-dong, Suhdaemoon-ku, Seoul, Korea, a little far off the midst of Seoul-city on May 31, 1969.

Environment and Facilities

     The Institute was located at 6 km south of Seoul and Traffic Service are available to the point 900 meter from the Institute.

     Distance of 900 meter from the Institute is undeveloped area with sporadic traffic and has a road which is wide enough for two vehicles to intersect each other.  Personal Houses are scattered here and there sparsely and the Institute commands a good view of growing agricultural products such as vegetables and raddish.  Therefore, this place is rather called a rural village than an urban district.

This place is favored with the good credit as in the rural village.

  1. Feel safe and calm far off the noise from the street
  2. Bestowed with fresh air and rural scene.
  3. Blessed with a Hill backward the Institute, suitable for mountaineering in the early morning.
  4. The Han River which flows in front of the Institute is suitable for swimming in the summer and for skating in the winter.

  The site which the Institute presently occupies ranges over totally 5,000 pyongs with the floor space of 665 pyongs.  There are four buildings for the children which was constructed in the same design.  One building consists of 5 rooms, 1 play-game room, 1 bath-room, 2 lavatories, and 1 boiler room.  One room is furnitured with desks and cabinets enough to accommodate 8 men.  There are a lecture hall, a restaurant, a kitchen and a recreation room for all the people.


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