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Christian Children's Fund

file #CCF-113x

Home Name       :  So Yang Children’s Home
Project Number  :  1750
Country              :  Korea


1.  The history of the Home

April 20, 1946           Established in Choonchun, Kangwon Do.

June 20, 1946            Authorized by the government as an institution.

May 10, 1947            Completed a dormitory building, 120 Pyong.

August 15, 1948         Completed a vocational training center building,
                                  60 Pyong, (for bakery and carpentry).

June 25, 1950            The Korean War broke; brought 117 children down to Pusan (1st refuge).

November 11, 1950   War situation turned better, got back to the Home in Choonchun.

November 18, 1950   Communist guerrilla from Mt. Otae raided the city, so the whole Home family fled
                                    to Seoul (2nd refuge).

December 24, 1950   War situation worse, brought 117 children down to Kaduk Island via Pusan (3rd refuge).

January 12, 1951        Decided to settle in the island and purchased 9,325 Pyong of land.

1951 – 1954              Completed buildings, 232 Pyong.

April 1952                 Affiliated with CCF.

April 10, 1953           Completed power plant (2.5 Kw).

June 15, 1954            Completed water-supply system.

April 20, 1955           Completed broadcasting system (50 W).

May 22, 1959           Approved as a juridical person; let president Mr. Chee Deuk Yong

*More follows into the 1960’s era.  Please refer to CCF-113-16-NOV-01 (113).jpg



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