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Christian Children's Fund

file # CCF-114x

Home Name       :  Sung Ae Won
Project Number  :  1755
Country             :  Korea

1.  History

            The harbor town of Pusan, after the 15th of August in the year of 1945 when the Japanese army surrendered to the Allied Forces and Korea regained its freedom, witnessed a social disorder in which Koreans were returning from Japan and other foreign countries.  During the period emerged a social problem of a need to protect and guide the abandoned or orphaned children wandering about the street.  These children were a by-product of the social chaos.

            Realizing fully the urgent need, a welfare-minded person by the name of Cho Yong Ho opened with governmental approval, an orphanage at 126, Ami-Dong, Pusan, in a house formerly owned by Japanese.  He named the orphanage Husaeng Yukka Won, and began his work with 20 small children and 10 infants to care for.  His work continued till November 30, 1950 when he realized that he was not really competent for this type of work, since by then he had run into serious difficulty both in management and finance.

            Next Day, December 1, 1950, under an agreement by the authorities concerned and the Social Welfare Federation, a faithful Christian who had worked over 20 years in the field of public health.  Miss Chi Kwan Shin, took over the work.  Only 8 wooden beds were relinquished to her.  This was under the extremely difficult situations caused by the Korean conflict which, as a result, made numerous children orphans.  Promptly responding to the need, the Home took in as many as 120 children under the most trying conditions of the time.

            In 1951, the Home was renamed to Sung Ae Won, and the facilities were registered and approved by the Government.  And in 1953 the Home was affiliated with CCF which enabled the Home to have reliable and sound source of substantial help.  With CCF helping, the Home renovated, rebuilt and expanded its facilities, and procured beds for al the children.  Facilities added during this major uplift are dining room, water main, and other annex structures.

            On March 1, the work of Miss Chi Kwan Shin was recognized and she was cited by the Mayor of Pusan.  On December 1, 1954, the Home obtained land of 2, 290 Pyung at 773, Pugok-Dong, Tongnae, Pusan, after a serious study and consideration that the facilities were not properly located and the locality did not provide with what the Home needed most.

            Under material help from American-Korean Foundation, the Home build on the land new housing building of three to total 231 Pyung floor space.  The ground breaking took place on May 30, 1955 and the construction completed on March 20, 1958.  The construction and moving to the new facilities were made gradually.

            The 170 children of this Home are accommodated in groups of 7-8 in a room.  The facilities of laundry, dining room, bath room and water supply are complete.  There are enough beds for everyone.  Everything about the Home is complete and excellent.

            While the facilities improved, so did the management of the Home.  A board of governors was organized, and was approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs on March 27, 1958.  Thus, the Home has become what the Government ask to be, and obtained its source of income by having the board of governors.


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