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Christian Children's Fund file #CCF-116x

Home Name      :  Ulsan Yang Yook Won
Project Number :  1825
Country             :  Korea


1. Founded on August 28, 1946, at a part of an air base then used by the Japanese Air Force. 

2. Obtained the approval from the government of Foundation Person on August 31, 1946. 

3. Affiliated with CCF on April 1, 1952. 

4. Established the Foundation jurdicial Person on November 5, 1954. 

5. A new dormitory building completed at the present site on October 22, 1956, by UNKRA Aid. 

6. A new building for kitchen, mess-hall, and other rooms constructed on June 10, 1957, with a CCF loan. 

7. Moved to the new dormitories, which are present Home buildings, on November 1, 1957. 

8. *Information past 1950's listed.  Please refer to: CCF-116-16-NOV-01 (16).jpg 



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