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Christian Children's Fund

file # CCF-119b

Home Name     :  Ae Rin Won and Ae Rin Day Nursery

Project Number : 1735
Country     Korea


 1. History

May 1938:   The orphanage was founded by Chung Kyo Hahn, on the base of Christianity, in Choryang, Pusan
Sept. 1940:  Under the Japanese pressure against Christianism and the demand of a larger building by the increase of orphans in number, the Home had to build a 40-pyong dormitory in Kupo to move out.

Dec. 1940:  The Pusan City Hall brought 16 orphaned children to the Home.  The subsidy was put on the City Budget.

Dec. 1945:  Returned to the old place, Tongdae-shin Dong, Pusan.

March 1946: Established the third orphanage in Posudong, Pusan, to house and feed the overflowing war-orphaned children. Obtained farming land and an orchard in Daejo-myong, Kimhae-gun, Kyongsang Namdo.

Nov. 1947:   Ae Rin Won Boy Scout was organized.

April 1950:  Purchased 2,000-pyong farming land in Daejo-myon, Kimhae-gun, with the fund donated by Mrs. McOwan from Australia.

Aug. 1950: After Korean War broke out, 33 boys volunteered for service. They joined UN Forces and went to war.

May 1951: Affiliated with the Christian Children’s Fund, Inc.

Aug. 1952:  Authorized by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs as a social welfare institution.

Aug. 1952:  Completed a new building of the Third Home in Bosu Dong, and the completion ceremony was held.

Sept. 1953:Repaired and renovated the old building in the Third Home.

Aug. 1954: Completed with the material provided by AFAK a new dormitory building in the Third Home.




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