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Christian Children's Fund

file # 125

Home Name:  Christian Children's Home
Project Number  :  1470
Country:   Korea

1.  History

            A.  A presbyter, Mr. Kim Byung Chan admitted 7 orphans who were almost frozen to death in in Seoul to his own house on December 25, 1918.  With this as a momentum, on January 3 in the following year Dr. Oh Kyung Sun formally set up Kyung Sung Relief Society for Orphans and set about on relief work for orphans regularly at the proposition of Yoon Chi Ho, Lee Ke Yook, Song Taik Soo, Kim Kwang Hoon, Kim Tai Wha, and Kim Byung Chan.  Then they built a dormitory to admit orphans at 126 Okchun-Dong Suhdaemoon-Ku, Seoul.

            B.  May 20, 1922:  Received authorization from the authorities concerned as a foundation, and changed the name to Kyung Sung Children's Home.  Dr. Oh Kyung Sun took up his post as the director general.

            C.  September, 1936:  Removed to the present location, 67 An Yang-li, An Yang-up Siheung-kun, Kyonggi Province.

            D.  February, 1949:  Affiliated with CCF.  Due to the directions of the authorities concerned, we changed the name to Christian Children's Home.

2.  Current Facilities:

1. 10 dormitories 290 pyung
2. Medical treatment room 50 pyung
3. Office 28.7 pyung
4. Auditorium 56 pyung
5. Bath house 8 pyung
6. Barber shop 4 pyung
7. Dining hall 44 pyung
8. 15 personnel residences 238 pyung
9. 12 storerooms 268 pyung
10. 3 latrines 20 pyung
11. Hothouse 8 pyung
12. 2 guard offices 9 pyung
13. Chicken farm 175 pyung
14. Pig pen 47 pyung
15. Green house 30 pyung
16. Other buildings 51 pyung
17. Vinyl houses 1064 pyung




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