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Christian Children's Fund

file # CCF-128

Home Name:  Ae A Won
Project Number:  1365
Country:  Korea 


      This Home is located at Kamchun-Dong, Pusan, the second largest city in Korea.  The city of Pusan is in the southernmost part of our country, and Japan is beyond the sea.  The Home is about 2-Kilometers from the downtown.

      The site of the Home was a Buddhist temple until 1945 when our country was liberated from Japanese.  Seeing many homeless children on the street, we founded the Home with 58 orphan children and 5 staff members on February 1, 1947.  We have been managing the Home, farming and raising livestock.

      The Home has been affiliated with Christian Children’s Fund and kept under a stabilized management since August 20, 1950.  We’ve built some additional buildings and the number of the children accommodated has been increased.

           There are 4 buildings for the children’s rooms, 1 dining room, 1 chapel and library, 1 room for animals and another for staff members’ dormitory.  At present, there are 190 boys and girls living in the Home.  44 of them go to kindergarten, 86 primary school, 49 middle school and 11 high school.  17 staff members take care of them. A hill is behind the Home, and 20 small farmhouses stand in front of it.  There are two factories in this community, and we can look out the biggest thermal power plant in Korea.  Many big ships are sailing in the sea.  We have a good view to command.

      The children get up at 6:00 in the morning, and they have morning service for 20 minutes.  Then, they clean every corner of the Home and wash.  Finishing breakfast at 7:00, they start for school.  After school, they help take care of the flowers in the garden and weed in the vegetable field.

      On the last Sunday in April, they go out for a field worship service.  They enjoy treasure hunting, play hide-and-seek, give a singing contest and play some other games.  They have a very good time in the field that day.

      Starting summer vacation in July, they go camping for 15 days at the swimming beach called Tadaepo.  We raise and supply all the amount of vegetable we need in the Home.  Our livestock raising is going on well.

      On the first Sunday in October, the Home family has a special worship service to thank God for his rich blessings upon us all.  We raise and harvest so much amount of potato in the Home.  All the Home children enjoy delicious potatoes.




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