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Christian Children's Fund

file # CCF-131

Home Name:       Taejon Ae Yook Won
Project Number:  1810
Country:              Korea

History of the Home 

            This Home was founded by Lee Kyoo Hak, who is the present chairman of the board of directors, with the private property on August 20, 1951, to take care of 50 war orphans.  On May 13, 1957, this Home was authorized officially by the Minister of Health and Social Affairs as a foundation body, and the children accommodated were increased to 140, and the Home building was moved to 148, Samsund-dong, Taejon City building a new Home compound. 

*More date information follows into 1960's time era,
      please refer to CCF-131-16-NOV-01 (31).jpg 

The Present Facilities

             The two-story building consists of Home chapel, the Home library, nursing room, babies' room, guest room, nurses' room, Home Office room, vocational training room and bath-room.  Also attached to the two-story building are toilet, warehouse, dining room and kitchen.  The floor space of the first story is 123 square pyongs, and the second story is 81 square pyongs. 

The Surroundings 

            Around the Home is a large farm where the Home raises many kinds of vegetables for the children.  In the Home area are many numbers of flower-beds where beautiful flowers are blooming continually from the early spring till late autumn.  As this Home is located on the slope of a nice mountain called Bomoon San, it commands a fine view.  The newly completed express highway from Seoul to Pusan, the nation's second largest port city, is running just in front of the Home.  There is also a fine brook near the Home and the children can swim there in summer.




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