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Christian Children's Fund

file # CCF-132

Home Name:  Taejon Salvation Army Boys' Home
Project Number:  1820
Country:  Korea


            Four Christian missions in Korea, namely North American Presbyterian Mission, South American Presbyterian Mission, Methodist Mission, and Salvation Army, agreed to form a united body in order to relieve the orphaned children from the poverty, to educate them, to enlighten the peasants in rural areas, and to help the whole community develop in a good way, so that the young people grown in Christian spirit would be leader in this society in the future by giving them proper vocational training.

            But owing to the outbreak of the Korean War, this organization could not carry out its aim for some time, but after the recapture of the capital city of Seoul on September 28, 1950, the representatives of the above missions, Dr. Luth, An Joo Wha, and then the Colonel Widdosoon of Salvation Army gathered again to form the board of directors and named this organization as Union Christian Service Center (U. C. S. C.).

            As a part of the works by this U.C.S.C., Salvation Army was to establish an orphanage to bring the homeless children up in His love.  Ground was broken for the construction of the Home building, with special envoy, Johan Allan, dispatched from Salvation Army World Headquarter Commander, attending on April 12, 1955, on the present location of the Home at 21 Joonggri, Hoeduk-myon, Daeduk-kun, Choonchong Namdo Province, and the construction was completed on August 12, 1956 and thus Taejon Salvation Army Boys' Home was founded.  On September 27 of the same year, opening ceremony of the Home with 44 children was held with Widdosoon, Chang Woon Yong, secretary-general of Salvation Army and many honourable guest from U.C.S.C. attending. 

            The Home was affiliated with CCF on January 25, 1957, and 39 children were first sponsored by the sponsors.  At that time, there was one children's dormitory, 53 square pyongs, plus a clothing room of 10 square pyongs and a warehouse of 28 square pyongs.  But in spite of the countless difficulties, this Home has been grown up in many ways, and above all, the staffers of the Home have been giving their most important attention to the children's welfare. 

            According to the effort made by the staffers, and to the CCF support, the children began to find happiness and light in their life in His love and blessings.




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