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In Ae Won

Home Name:  In Ae Won
Project Number:  1550
Country:  Korea

History of this Home:

September 1, 1946

In Ae Won was founded by Miss Cho Soo Ok.

October 30, 1946

Registered and approved as a welfare facilities by the U.S. Military Government.

June 1947

The former Buddhist temple remodeled into children's quarters and prayer room.

April 1951

Affiliated with Christian Children's Fund, Inc.

October 1954

46 pyong stone building completed for children's quarters.

May 14, 1955

Facilities approved by the Governor of Province.

September 1955

A two-story building of brick and tile which has 39 pyong floor space on the first floor and 39 pyong floor space on the second floor, completed and dedicated to the children.

November 9, 1957

Was approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs as a corporate judicial person.

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6 buildings (4 buildings are used for children's quarters, 1 for lavatory, 1 for warehouse).  Playground (810 pyong), In the buildings, are 27 bed rooms, office, bath room, kitchen, dining room, auditorium, library, warehouse, 2 lavatories.

4 floors.  For sports equipment, there are 6 swings, merry-go-round, parallel bars, pingpong set, ball game set (baseball, basketball, soccer, volley ball, handball), and gymnastics items (dumb-bell, lift, jump rope, etc,).


The Home is located on the southern part of Korea, where the air is clear and the water is clean.  This is no doubt healthful.  The four seasons are distinctive and agreeable, and the surrounding scenery changes along with the change of the seasons.




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