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Our Work Continues

George F. Drake - 22 March, 2002

It has been awhile since we took up the pen to comment on this project but that is not to infer that nothing has been happening.  We now have almost 400 stories, articles, letters and other documents relating to the American servicemen and the children of Korea during the war period.  In addition we now have over 1,000 photographs.  Collecting and processing all this material has taken an immense amount of time.  This material is processed by volunteers who deserve a medal for their faithful work.  At times one feels buried in data and pictures but now the light is shining at the end of the tunnel.

This week over 100 more articles have been posted to the web site.  Soon we will start posting the photographs we have collected, some of which show orphanages back before the Korean War began, when Korea was first liberated from Japanese rule.  We have photographs and stories now on over 100 orphanages and have identified almost as many military units as having helped the children.

All of this goes to prove our basic premise, that the American servicemen and women had an incredible positive impact on this generation of Korean children.  Keep coming back to view the web site and see the new material that is being posted.  We anticipate that the site will ultimately have over 2,000 photos and documents on this topic.  Ultimately all will be filed with the Korean War Museum in the United States and the Korean War Museum in Korea to ensure that this story is never lost to future generations.





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