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This note was posted on the 326th CRC company bulletin board by Drake.

326th Communication Reconnaissance Company
APO 301

31 December 1952

SUBJECT: Company Support of the Children of Manassas Manor Orphanage

To: The men of the 326th Comm. Recon. Co.

Thanks fellows, thanks for your help in making this Christmas one which the children of Manassas Manor will remember for a long time. Gratitude is the memory of the heart, and it is there that these children will remember you.

While the children no longer live in the buildings across from the motor pool they cannot be forgotten by us. It was with the understanding that we would continue to help in their support that Mrs. Rue and Miss Robson agreed to take these children under their care. Now that the children have been integrated into the larger household at the Seoul Sanatorium and Hospital Orphanage we will no longer regard only these 50 children as ours to support, but will help in the support of the 250 children of that institution. This does not mean that we are making a drive to obtain five times the amount of contributions formerly given, but will rather carry on as before insofar as the donations go. We will give this amount to the administration of the Seoul Sanatorium and Hospital Orphanage to be used equally on all of the children. This policy is put into effect so as to prevent a discrimination between the children under the same roof.

For the men in the Company who have arrived recently and are not familiar with the situation, here is the story. The Company has been supporting an orphanage of 50 and more children for some time. This orphanage used to be located across the street from the motor pool. As the facilities there were not very good, and qualified, trustworthy supervisors were not to be had, the children were moved during November to their present quarters on the property of the Seoul Sanatorium and Hospital Orphanage. Two American women run the place. It is essentially a Seventh Day Adventist Medical Mission but is run on a strictly self supporting basis. Such a thing is next to impossible due to the current exigencies and it is only through the donations given by private citizens in the United States and by the GIs here in Korea that enables the institution to carry on.

While the children were still in Manassas Manor we had many people send things for them and aid materially in their support. Most of these people are still carrying on in their same generous way helping the children in their new home. One letter arrived yesterday telling of the results of the efforts of one woman who knows of the orphanage only through a letter printed in a local paper by one of the men of this company. She writes that a six months supply of cereal has been donated by Quaker Oats Company, Borden Milk Company is donating a large supply of powdered milk and the A & P Co. is donating dried fruits and vegetables for a total of over 150 lbs. of food stuffs!!

Whenever a truck is going to the orphanage to take them food or clothing a notice will be placed on the bulletin board so that any EM wishing to go along to visit the place may do so. If no vehicle is scheduled and you wish to pay a visit see one of the members of the Orphanage Committee and a trip might be able to be arranged.

The committee will solicit financial support from you at this pay call. Give what you feel you can. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.


George F. Drake
Cpl RA 12344689




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