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326th Communication Reconnaissance Company

APO 301
23 Jan 1953

Mr. Willis Foster
Bowmann Dairy Co.

Dear Sir:

It has been brought to my attention by Mrs. Edwin Pearson of the Women's Society of Christian Service, North Shore Methodist Church, Glencoe, Illinois that it was through your kindness and generosity that we are in receipt of the powdered milk sent to the orphanage supported by this company. In this short letter I am going to try to thank you for your thoughtfulness.

I cannot only say, "thank you" and let it go at that. That is too cold, too impersonal and tends to leave the recipient of the gesture of gratitude not too greatly impressed with the appreciation felt on the part of his beneficiary. How then, am I going to impart to you this feeling that is within us, this feeling of deepest gratitude for all that you specifically, and many other individuals and groups are doing in our common effort to help children in need. I have often quoted the expression "Gratitude is the memory of the heart."

Accepting that as a basic truth then you can rest assured of long lived gratitude since the tortures of hunger and want are not soon forgotten nor is the person forgotten who eased such pains. These children will not remember you as Mr. Willis Foster but rather as an American Friend, one who helped when we were down and out. These friendships, built on such a solid foundation, will have lifelong repercussions on this nation, as it is the children who will soon grow to be the moving forces here as elsewhere.

The children say, "Ko map sum ni dah!" We of the 326th Comm Recon Co say, "Thank you."

Yours truly,
George F. Drake                      Cpl RA 12344689
Secty Orph Comm



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