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326th Communication Reconnaissance Company
APO 301
29 Jan 1953

Women's Society of Christian Service
North Shore Methodist Church
Glencoe, Illinois
ATTN: Mrs. Edwin Pearson

Dear Mrs. Pearson:

To show proper appreciation for the kindness' of the WSCS (if I may take permission to abbreviate the name of your organization) is quite a difficult task for me to do. The mode of correspondence through the medium of the written word requires a person well versed in letters to convey fully that which is desired to be expressed. Unfortunately I do not find myself such a person but will nevertheless attempt to say that which I feel.

Appreciation? It's there. The last time I visited the children at their new home it nearly caused a riot. It seems that a class was going on when I entered the room. Immediately all those children who knew me through the part I play on the Orphanage Committee of this company, jumped from their seats and ran to me. They clung to my legs, climbed up into my arms, hung around my neck, each one pushing the other seeking my attention. I am but a "middle man". It is you women who the children should hug and shower their affections upon.

I am doing the least in this project even though doing all I can. It is a great honor afforded me to be in this position and I thank you for using me in sending your aid to these children.

Do not for a minute think that the children and the supervisors of the orphanage are crediting me for all the aid you are sending. It is the generous kind, warm-hearted friends classed generally as Americans that these children thank and will forever remember.

Your servant,
George F. Drake
Cpl RA 12344689
Secty Orph Comm



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