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326th Communication Reconnaissance Company
APO 301, SF California
22 Apr 1953

Andersen's Ladies Ready to Wear
Montevideo, Minnesota

Dear Sir:

Pvt. H.K. Andersen has probably already notified you of receipt at this company of the packages you sent for use in the orphanage supported in part by us. As a matter of record though, I am herewith listing all the packages received to date that were sent through your store. Other packages have been received from Montevideo but they have been individually acknowledged.

Mrs. B. Bentson         1-pkg.
Mrs. G Wallien           1-pkg.
Miss Vellekson           1-pkg.
Miss Elkser                 1-pkg.
Mrs. M. Severens       1-pkg.
Miss L. Norman          2-pkg.
Lloyd Goar                  1-pkg.
Mrs. J. Peterson         1-pkg.
Mrs. Nelson                 1-pkg.
Mrs. Schaefer            1-pkg.
L. Starbeck                 2-pkg.
John A.                      1-pkg.
Mrs. G. Nicolai           1-pkg.
Cindy                         1-pkg.
Grover Person            2-pkg.

As I do not have the addresses of all these people, please thank them for all of us for their aid.


George F. Drake
Cpl. RA 12344689
Corr Secty Orph Comm.



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