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326th Communication Reconnaissance Company
APO 301 SF California
22 Apr 1953

Mr. K. R. Mayer
Brielle Anchorage
Brielle, New Jersey

Dear Mr. Mayer:

Gollies, you sure are keeping us well supplied in Sunday papers! That really lends a bit of home atmosphere to this drab place, that is, the reading of the Sunday comics & photo section of the newspaper on a Sunday morning in Korea. Your parcels of food and tobacco have also been received. I gave most of the food staples to the orphanage and distributed the cigarettes amongst the men in my tent. I have been smoking the pipe tobacco, for which I wish to extend my personal thanks.

During the past month I have sent out over 500 letters, almost a fifth of which were personal ones (i.e. not mimeographed). Even the mimeographed ones had a personal note written thereon. I have had two newspaper articles published so far in April and responses from the one in Minneapolis has amounted to 83 dollars and a large amount of material in the mail. The response has really been wonderful. For this we are very thankful.
With kindest regards, I remain,

Yours truly



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