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326th Communication Reconnaissance Company
APO 301, SF California
22 Apr 1953

H. J. Zellweger
Advertising Manager
Utica Drop Forge & Tool Corp.
Utica 4, New York

Dear Sir:

I am in receipt of your letter of the 9th of April. Thank you ever so much for all of your aid. I am afraid that I must admit to you that upon first seeing your success as written in the Utica newspaper, tears came to my eyes. I all but shouted with joy, I might even have done that, I really don't know I was so elated at the time.

I ran about wildly showing the clipping to other members of the orphanage committee. What a wonderful day. That same day we had collected the largest collection ever at the pay table from the men of this company. They had donated $252! Added to this is money received from other projects run by the committee. We were able to turn over to the orphanage about $350 for this month (April).

Mere words cannot express the appreciation we of the orphanage committee, the men of the company, and the orphanage personnel themselves feel for this terrific amount of aid you have solicited for us. 'We say thank you; the children say Ko map sum ni da. Either way it is a verbal expression of the gratitude felt for your help.

We will most certainly send to you pictures of the arrival of the boxes you sent to Seoul Sanitorium. I have enlisted the aid of an Air Force photographer who will take any and all pictures I ask at his own expense only asking in return a by-line when possible. Your company policy will govern whether or not a by-line is to be given under such circumstances for photographs.

When the packages arrive I will send with the photographs a complete accounting of all the aid received from Utica, both from your plant and from private individuals.

Meanwhile, please accept our sincere appreciation and heartfelt thanks for your help.


George F. Drake
Cpl. RA 12344689
Corr Secty Orph Comm.



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