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326th Communication Reconnaissance Company
APO 301
23 Apr 1953

Mrs. H.W. Rasmussen
5609 7th NW
Seattle 7, WN.

Dear Mrs. Rasmussen:

It Is a real pleasure to make your acquaintance. Thank you kindly for the nice letter which I picked up today at the hospital. I am glad that you realize the situation re: the Rues and Miss Robson's correspondence. I am but trying to alleviate a bit of the strain on them, leaving them more time to their charges. I certainly do not mean to impose upon the friendships between you but let us look upon the situation thusly, any letters I am able to write to you will be in addition to, rather than in place of, those written by the Rues or Robson.

Your loyalty to our hospital orphanage here in Korea is inspiring. It is such faith that keeps us going when at times we feel that we are forgotten. (In this I imply the men of our company on the Orphanage Committee, not the Rues & Robson, who's work never falters, but goes on day and night to aid the suffering of this country).

I was most sorry to hear of your illness but am glad that you are well on the way to recovery. You mention Monterey Academy. I call Monterey, California home.

At the present I do not know how much a piano will cost In Tokyo but am in the process of acquiring all the information pertinent to the purchase and shipment of one to the orphanage. Musical instruments can be safely shipped, and would be welcomed with joy. The safest method for shipping anything and also the cheapest, is by addressing it to COMMANDING OFFICER, 326th Comm. 'Recon Co., APO 301 c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, California and marked FOR ORPHANAGE. The Rues & Robson have only 1st class mail APO privileges. Packages should be sent to them through international mail. That entails delays and overseas shipping costs. Therefore the Orphanage Committee of this company, at the request of Mrs. Rue and Miss Robson make the above suggestion to everyone namely, to send packages through this company.

Enclosed are two snapshots of a few of the children of the orphanage.


George F. Drake
Cpl. RA 12344689
Corr Secty Orph Comm.



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