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326th Communication Reconnaissance Company
APO 301, SF California
29 Apr 1953

Mrs. Florence Quackenbush
233 S. Second Street
Fairmont, Minnesota

Dear Mrs. Quackenbush,

Your letter of the 18th of April was received by us at mail call today. I read your letter as I walked from the Special Services hut to my tent. Your letter, so full of emotion, so sincere in its desire to help has left me a little awed as to how to answer it.

As I walk guard at night I can see the artillery flashes to the north and I thank God that I am no further toward the front than I am and at the same time I pray to God to take care of our boys who are up there. It is a great loss to suffer, that of losing a loved one on the field of battle, but a loss that is rendered the least bit easier by knowing that your loved one died bravely and honorably in saving the life of a buddy on the field of battle. Our company is out of direct contact with enemy action. We see more of the backwash of the war.

Little boys and girls come to the gate of our camp and beg for a bit of food. Some of them have been on the road for many months, having lost their parents somewhere along the way. These are the people we are trying to aid.

We have a goodly number of children under 1 year old. You mention that you do a goodly amount of knitting. Booties would be greatly appreciated and put to good use. I am enclosing a few briefs which we have made up to simplify our correspondence. They will help you to understand our specific problems a bit better.

We tender our sincere condolences at the lose of your loved one and our deepest appreciation for your desire to aid the men of our company in our project.


George F. Drake
Cpl. RA 12344689
Corr Secty Orph Comm.



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